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Act IV, Scene 2.  Morning, early. Coffee, strong. Hair? Well, the day hasn't started yet. Inbox, 28 unread messages. She is sitting on her sofa, reading attentively.

Ah! At last. I knew that someone would see it: if you can name your reality you can change it. I know that if you can name what you need to learn and understand, if you can name why you need this, then you can find the solutions that will get you that learning and understanding.

True, she thought, 'tis more difficult to do for education and development. But maybe if we're many of us seeking to identify educational issues and their impact in terms of development, we can make a positive contribution together. 

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Act II, Scene 1.  A young man typing intensely. Zoom on the laptop screen.

... We put out yesterday the posters for the pilot run of the ECP. We're fully oversubscribed. My phone has been ringing constantly. My inbox is way full. I've not eaten yet. But I wanted you to know, whatever your time-zone: people here are really keen to improve their English - oral and written.

They're excited about the plan for an English-language library -- great job on getting the premises and the donations for buying computers. But we need more books. Plenty more, asap. And then to launch.

He pauses; a smile.

And given what people here are telling me ... we need to start thinking about the next libraries and scaling up the ECP big time.

He signs. 

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