Welcome to NUHA's annual writing competition, known as the:  

Blogging Prizes! 

The Blogging Prizes have been established as an international platform to debate issues of education and development, and to provide an opportunity for authors to be published and to develop their self-confidence.

Absolutely anyone can participate, and three prizes are on offer, together with matched Prizes for teachers, schools and registered educational charities:

  • Young Writers Prize of up to US$ 250, for those born between 2002 and 2007
  • Youth Prize of up to US$ 1000, for those born between 1998 and 2001
  • Adult Prize of up to US$ 2500, for those born before 1998

It doesn't matter whether English is the author's first, second or even third language: articles will be judged first and foremost on the quality of their argument and the originality of their ideas.

To participate, authors had to respond to one of the set topics within the word-limit. Shortlisted articles were announced on Friday 25 November 2016. The winners will be announced on Monday 12 December 2016.

For past editions of the English language competition, click on the corresponding year: 20112012201320142015. To discover the past editions of the Spanish language competition, click on the corresponding year: 20142015.

We look forward to reading you! 


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Génie de la liberté by Augustin Dumont, photo by Doriane Lacroix-Tsarantanis.