Education in Maharashtra

Published by the Editor at 7.00pm on Saturday, 16 March 2013.

  1. Key Regional Statistics
  2. Structure of the Educational System
  3. NGO Projects Supporting the Educational System 

Accurate as of March 2013; unless indicated otherwise, the websites are all indicated in English. Acknowledgement: Naïma Kassanaly. 

Key Regional Statistics

Key regional statistics for the state of Maharashtra relevant to education are as follows: 

  • Population: 112.2 million
  • Age structure: 0-6 years = 10.5% of total regional population (based on editor's estimation)
  • Literacy (understood as age 7 over can read): 82.9% (breakdown: male 89.8% and female 75.48%)
  • Official state language: Marathi  

Sources: Census of India Website (literacy).  

Structure of the Educational System 

To obtain key information about the educational system in the state of Maharashtra, click here.

To know more about primary and secondary schools in the state of Maharashtra, click here.  

With regard to higher education, to find a breakdown of the different colleges in the state of Maharashtra, click here. For a list of all the different universities, click here.

Information on the Coaching Centres in Mumbai, can be found here

Finally, information concerning the different Business Schools and Management Education Colleges in the state of Maharashtra can be found here


NGO Projects Supporting the Educational System

Life Trust: to get additional information about this NGO, click here.

Foundation for Initiatives in Development and Education for all.

Each one Teach One Charitable Foundation.

Modern Educational Social and Cultural Organisation (MESCO Trust).


Vidya Vardhini Foundation Trust.

For a breakdown of other current NGO-run projects in the state of Maharashtra, please consult the following website. For current as well as past NGO-projects run in India in relation to education, please visit the link to the relevant World Education webpage. To follow news concerning Higher Education, School Education and Literacy from the Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development, click here.

Sources: and 

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